The “Little Jack” big day out

Little Jack Lures is the latest brand of lures to enter Malaysia. This lure is competing in the same segment of lures as your Rapala, Storm and other premium quality lures. Being a Japanese fishing lure brand the quality of the products are very high. Fishmalaysia assembles a team to see how the Little jack range does in our waters.

When it comes to fishing of the coasts here in west Malaysia the De Rozario brothers really know their stuff. Strapping young lads who have been fishing most of their lives in Port Dickson these boys took some Sang Lin shrimp lures out to the big blue sea. Hopping on board with them would also be Mr. Jahat. The fish in PD must have been very worried that day.


Greeting from the De Rozario bros; first and foremost thanks for spending some time reading this posting. So now where do I begin?

We were fortunate enough to share this outing with our fellow fishmalaysia crew member “Jahat” to try out some new lure that were generously provided by Sang Lin tackle Sdn. Bhd. The day started out very early for us as we headed to Port Dickson, my usual haunt for the weekend. We were armed with Little Jack Moebix and Hanebix shrimp in our arsenal of tackle and ready to see what this tiny shrimp lures could do for the crew.



Unfortunately the weather was not on our side this trip. The wind was gusting and the waves were way bigger than usual; we had it hard form the word go.  But like any hardcore team of anglers we were not going to allow some bad weather get in our way.

Moebix and Hanebix are real lovely looking lure with its realistic patterns and colors to match. We fished this lures real close to the reef and rocky bottom hoping for maybe a small GT or some snapper would come and gobble this lure up. With each cast and retrieve the lures mimicked the movement of a fleeing shrimp; it had a real sexy and tantalizing twitched that makes it so irresistible to any passing fish. I personally had a school of small to medium size fish chase my Moebix on several occasions but due to the big waves there were no positive strikes. The crew felt the same and said nothing but positive things about this lure and vowed to come back and put this lures to test again and to prove that it’s going to land fish.

moebix10 moebix11

In conclusion I would recommend any costal angler to have this lures in their arsenal as it will really help in those moments when you see a fish that just loves live shrimp. We will definitely be trying this lures again in better conditions and also in some of our local lakes to see what the freshwater fish think about this amazing little lure. Thank you Sang Lin tackle and Little Jack bringing Moebix and Hanebix to local anglers. *for more detailed info please visit:*

Stay tuned for the next test. Till we meet again tight lines!

Yours truly,

Admiral Anchor @ the older De Rozario.

Pictures of the outing with the boys will be uploaded at a later date. This is league one of the whole test. From what information we have the elder De Rozario is on his way to the east coast for more adventure! The range of Little Jack Lures are made available here in Malaysia thanks too Sang Lin Tackles.  Outlet in Klang Valley stocking their range is Digital Aquarium in Puchong.

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