Terminal Bersepadu Selatan

This is a very central spot in Kuala Lumpur. It has a good amount of fish in it, possibly loaded with Haruan and Tilapia. Does not have a no fishing restriction. A blessing for Malaysia? No, it is un-fishable. There is one big problem with the place and it really stops anyone from fishing. It really one big problem in our country to be honest. The problem is poor maintenance of this facility.


Folks this place comes under the purview of JPS which stands for "Jabatan Pengairan and Saliran" is the supposed keeper of this place and has been doing a questionable job at it. The lily numbers have not been kept in check which is what that has led to the current state.

We spotted a lone chap who was netting in these waters. Our friend had a few choice words to say about the place. However due to the nature of his intimation we can't publish them. He did mention though that this place is really an awesome place to fish if not for the reeds and lilies.


Our lone fisherman added that before the reeds took over the waters this place used to see anglers from corner to corner. It was a good place to fish for fun as the fish here were not suitable to eat. Had an earthy taste due to the nature of the water.

The waters here apparently come in very rapidly but leave at a slow pace. Reason being is that there are very big input pipes here that are constantly flowing and the release pipe is one very small pipe. This factor could cause the waters here to "simmer" for awhile and become a bit pungent.


Folks, please take note in this place green grass does not mean a bank. Its quite rampant here so you will be stepping on to the actual water itself. If you visit in person you will be able to judge for yourself.


Folks, despite good fish potential the place is poor to fish from. Even the netters have it bad here. We are open to reports from anyone if they see any up keeping work being done here. Another good place similar to this according to our fisherman friend is Sri Johor collection centre. However due to the nature of that area advisable to go in groups during the day!

This place can be accessed from two points. However the easiest is when u see the sign above on the road to the Mines from Sungai Besi. The entry point is the signage in the village itself. Image attached below.


The fisherman friend we met earlier if we can recollect accurately might let you use his boat. If you are planning to do this please take precautions. Life jacket and etcetera. However the best bet in catching tilapia is to go from under TBS itself. This will give you slightly better footing and a lot less reeds.


Welcome to Malaysia. The fishing here is great and the fish are awesome

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