Terengganu Mackerel International Fishing Tournament (TMIFT) 2015, Malaysia

Fishing tournaments in Malaysia are big. Many skilled anglers set out to sea to take part in big game fishing tournaments that happen in the seas around Malaysia. In the eastern part of the Peninsular Malaysia, saltwater big game fishing is a popular way to fish. In the South China Sea big game fish such as King Mackerel, Sail Fish, Giant Trevalley, Diamond Trevalley and Dorados are found in most parts of it.

GP Joran has begun again. This time a new exciting version of their tournaments is being held. The Terengganu Mackerel International Fishing Tournament of 2015 would be held in Dungun in September. This tournament targets mainly King Mackerel or locally known as Tenggiri.

Tournament Dates are:

4th and 5th September 2015. Entry fee is RM 300/ angler or RM 1200/ Team of four anglers. This is an over night trip so some basic necessities will be provided by the skippers of your respective boat.



Tenggiri or King Mackerel are super strong pelagic fish. They fight very hard and have razor sharp teeth. When fishing them people are advised to use steel wires as their teeth can cut to almost any other material easily. Even greater caution when handling them as they can cause serious lacerations.

Do get in touch with Othman (019 391 3568), Rafiz (019 221 5083) or Hazrul (019 302 0038) to secure your place on a boat out to sea.

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