Teluk Datai, Langkawi: Paradise Surf

Surf fishing in Malaysia is definitely better on the islands. In the main Island of Langkawi, we managed a chance visit to what would be a very beautiful and shallow beach. This place can be considered a flat and possibly would have seen better days before the asian tsunami in 2004. The after effects of the tsunami devastated about seventy percent of the coral, and fish numbers. This place is a mere shadow of what it used to be , but it was stll very good.

The Andaman, a resort in Langkawi situated on the far side of the island is approximately forty minutes away from the town of Kuah and the airport. The only option for tackle would be again in Kuah town so best to have gear in hand ready. The rooms overlook the Datai cove and this is a splendid view.


The beach is a stereotype paradise setting. White and sandy, crystal clear shallow waters and  somewhat plenty of coral fish flittering about. We even spotted a couple od schools of baby squid floating hovering about in the surf. Beautiful succulent black masses. This place is definitely a far cry of the flats in lets say Florida but it will do. Spending far less one can live in a lap of luxury for a few days and then fish by wading into the surf. Still cheaper than a flight to the US.

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The Datai cove is slightly longer than a mile. From one tip of the crescent to the other tip. The waters run shallow to about 200 metres out on to the cove where the deeper it gets is to about an average Malaysians thighs. We began by exploring the reefier part on the right of the cove for some fish and we got a very raw and intense experience of what nature is like on the cove.

There was a lot of fish, mostly palm sized but we did manage spot a few that were approximately the size of a soft drink bottle. This was all happening in a small but furious clear blue currant that was flowing at a drop off just beyond the reef. Do take note that the term drop off here is used very vaguelty. This "drop off" was only about 3 feet. Despite its depth the currant it carried was very intense.

Here we managed to catch two small groupers on the fly. The two fishes were released subsequently and they were about the size of one's palm. In the far rightcove we did spot a school of what could be mullet like leaping about too.

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In the actual surf of the beach there was a fair amount of fish activity. However it was not really a comparative to the ones near the rock. A surf rod can make a difference here  as one would be able to wade far out on to the reef and cast even deeper into the ocean. The down side of the place though would be the dead reef which would cause snags and line damage. This is not even considering the injuries at risk of doing so.

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We then ventured the left end of the crescent. This was a challenge to do so if one was not well equipped with protective shoes. If you find yourself rock fishing in these parts again good sense to have some heavy footwear to be able to negotiate the landscape with eas. Often simple distances are hindered by difficult terrain. Some folk here who happen to be quite used to the place, did this with relative ease.


There was a fluury of activity in this part of the cove. There was a congregation of locals here partaking in their dinner gathering ritual. These island folk were rustling up some what seem to be very succulent clams for the evening's dinner. These were very good clams mind you.

20140116_175217 20140116_175223

Families with members of all ages armed with pick axes were seen pummeling at the rock beneath their feet picking out these morsels. In some markets these would be very good grade seafood. Here its just tonight's dinner.

20140116_175233 20140116_175255 20140116_175312

We also spotted some blokes out ready for a fish. Using mainly what would seem to be popping rods and a metal lure we got closer to see what these chaps were up too.


These chaps were still scouting and mentioned that they would be veturing more around the coast. We obliged and scouted the surf infront of the left crescent to see if we could see more interesting things. Indeed we did and very soon as a matter of fact. 

20140116_180500 20140116_180746

We stumbled upon a pair of sea urchins and a what seem to be a collective of sea cucumbers in one area. There were a lot of sea cucumbers everywhere as a matter of fact. We avoided the urchins as they are know to leave nast implications when touched.

The rock surf of the Datai cove is definitely a place to vusut for the avid surf fishing person. If you can cast far out this place can yield some good results. Boats usually avoid the rocks like these and this would be a good place for fish to hide. Do consider visiting when in Langkawi. If no rod one can just rustle up the ground for some delicious grub.


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