Sport Fishing Magazines top 100 World Record Fishes

Some of the fish here will have no equal. Folks of Malaysia we picked this up while trawling the net for a good read. This is defnitely a good read!

With the impending raya celebrations in the next few weeks, some anglers would have begun meticulously planning on techinque and target species to fish for after getting past the Raya formalities. We wish the best of luck and great success in your technique and trip. Please do take good safety precautions though.

What we want to do is set out and inspire you folks that if you fish seriously like some of the folk in this list here the results will be unmatched. The timeline of results appearing though might vary. Yet it will be very satisfying.


A wonderful read for the evening. Please enjoy and be amazed. source


Welcome to Malaysia. The fishing here is great and the fish are awesome.

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