Shimano wins again at AFTA

Shimano in Malaysia is a go to brand for many anglers fishing for good fish. Apparently this is also the case with the Australians fishing for good fish too. Their reels despite being very pricey is somewhat of a status and accomplishment symbol. No surprises here.

Shimano completed the ‘Blue Riband’ double for the second year running at the Australian Fishing Trade Association (AFTA) Awards.

The Australian subsidiary of the global fishing gear giant triumphed in the rod (Nano PX) and reel (Stella SW) categories during the ATFA Show on the Gold Coast.

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Other top industry names among the prizes were Mustad and Daiwa. The Norwegian hook manufacturer won the Terminal Tackle category with its Staylock Snap, while Daiwa triumphed with its TDS PMC combo.

Halco Tackle Company was a winner in both the Hard Lure (Halco Skim Stik) and Accessory (Fish Ring Pliers) sections.

The list of winners are:

  • Rod: Shimano Nano PX (Shimano Australia Fishing)


  • Reel: Shimano Stella SW (Shimano Australia Fishing)


  • Terminal Tackle: Mustad Staylock Snap (Wilson Fishing)


  • Combo Kit: TDS PMC (Daiwa)


  • Line: Maxima Braid (JM Gillies Agencies)


  • Soft Lure: Zerek Live Cherabin (Wilson Fishing)


  • Hard Lure: Halco Skim Stick (Halco Tackle Company)


  • Tackle Management: Plano 467310 Guide Bag (JM Gillies Agencies)
  • Boating Accessory: Australian Salt Water Hydrowave (Hydrowave Australia/Amphibia
  • Accessory: Fish Ring Pliers (Halco Tackle Company)

halco pliers

  • Electronics: 25kg Digital Scales (Black Magic Tackle)
  • Kids: 13 Fishing Ambition Combo (Nomad Tackle)
  • Clothing: Bigfish Yellow Belly Print Shirt (Bigfish Graphics)
  • Environmentally Friendly: Too Easy Salt Removing Power Wash (Salt Free Ltd)
  • Outdoor/Camping Product: Fenix Pd35
    (G8 Distribution)

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AFTA is the annual tackle show that takes place in Australia. Another country where fishing is quite big.

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