Saujana D’Rimba Fish Release. Fishing tournament 8th June 2014

Fishing freshwater monster fish in the rivers or lakes of Malaysia is popular. There are not many river monsters left and fishing of these fish need to carried out in a sustainable way. Fishing for these fish one would need to take alot of consideration into fish care. Fishing for river monsters like Jeremy Wade can be a very tricky affair. One of the strongest fighting fishes are believed to be the giant mekong catfish or known locally as Patin Mekong happen to be vegetarians. Here in Malaysia we have our Patins that fight just as hard but on a more manageable scale.

One place that offers some exciting patin catfish fishing is our friends at Kolam Saujana D'rimba. This 8th of June there will be a fishing competition at this private fishery and Abang Isa has gone about looking to stock up the pond with some good sized Patin. Abang Isa could not fill up in a large quantity as the fishes that come in this size are very limited and are very hard to find. However this is a sign that there is a place that one can go to too fight hefty vegetarians at a very affordable rate.

Here are some of the pictures of the largest fish in the whole fish release session. The management of Kolam Saujana D'Rimba work hard to find good sized fishes for their pond. The smallest Patin usually released in the pond weighs in the three kilo range.

IMG-20140602-WA0000 IMG-20140602-WA0001  

One of the largest fishes in the KSDR recorded so far. Apart from these Patin KSDR is known for its incredibly big Pacu. These monster Pacu are said to grow close to twenty kilogrammes. That fish is has not been landed in awhile.


IMG-20140602-WA0004   IMG-20140602-WA0007

We would like to thank KSDR for sending their pictures and announce that there will be a tournament this Sunday at KSDR. For more inquiries on the Tournament please feel free to call Abang Isa at:

019 397 0870.

For those who are seeking to fish only and not be part of the tournament. The place is open for the public to fish after the tournament finishes at the end. The nominal fee of RM 30 still applies. 

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