River 2 Sea, Bandar Tun Razak

Bandar Sri Permaisuri is a possible fishing haven in the capital of Malaysia. Albeit the Kuala Lumpur anglers who fish there have questionable fishing permission to fish for their favourite peacock bass or toman fish, one cannot deny the place has got potential. However like any other area more sustainable angling methods should be practiced. Having said that its important that sustainable fishing start from the tackle shops itself. Bandar Sri Permaisuri has a bright shop in a lovely comfortable place and we take a look at it.


Folks, this is a splendid looking shop. With neat walkways and an overall tidy outlook one would feel as if they have found a Tackle Shop in high street. Only eight months old this place is showing lots of potential. We have to admit this place has got lots of space to grow in its inventory.


One feature we really liked is the Temoleh tank. Julien’s Golden Carp are becoming rarer these days and these babies can grow to become giants if kept well. The giants you normally see on Youtube being caught and killed are usually very old ones and critical but we cannot expect to much from small minded folk.

River 2 Sea has got good taste in lures. Despite limited stocks they carry premium brands like Yo-Zuri for example. There are a variety of designs to choose from all competitively priced.


Another good reason to look at the shop is the choice reels they have. All priced competitively too. The range or reels that appear here are from the superior Daiwas to the more budget friendly brands.



This shop’s star attraction would be its rods. If anything we would have to agree that they sell a select range but good choice of rods. One big plus is that they custom make their rods too. A custom rod by these boys are quite affordable too! Worth checking out if you are interested in acquiring rod customisation.


The Dragon Blank is the minimum requirement to begin building you dream rod.




Above is a very strong rod which we managed to sample.

We were very happy with one of their rods which we tried. Custom built the rod given was an exemplary piece and we would tell you to go for it if you are planning to get one.

A big plus point of this place is that the staff here are super friendly and well versed in the arts of fishing. Good service, good gear and excellent environment we will visit again if we need any gear.


Welcome to Malaysia. The fishing here is great and the fish are awesome.

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