Port Klang Fishing boat charter with Captain Ah Hong

To fish in Port Klang all one needs to do is charter a fishing boat from the Royal Yacht Club of Port Klang. Fishing in fairly deep water with strong currents make the whole fishing experience quite exciting. The big bonus is that this is very near to the capital of Kuala Lumpur and fishing with these charters are quite affordable too.

When hiring a fishing charter here in Malaysia please ensure that the captain of the fishing charter has got a good reputation. We recently had the pleasure of engaging the services of the very experienced Ah Hong in Port Klang. Ah Hong is reputably one of the best skippers to pilot a fishing charter in Port Klang. His boat has recorded many happy customers.

Ah Hong’s fishing boat charters focus more towards bottom baiting. However jigging is also applicable in his spots too. An experienced skipper, Captain Ah Hong helps you with the bottom rigs and knows what really works in these waters. His methods are accurate and effective.


The fishing charter with Captain Ah Hong this time emphasised more towards accurate drops and drifting over crevasses. This means no leeway for the currents to drift the sinkers far. Our sinkers for today weighed 500 grams and above. The largest sinker being at one kilo. This is well suited for the turbulent currents of the Port Klang. The deepest we were fishing was sixty metres.

If you are planning to slow jig (which is the only way to jig, Honestly), the ideal weight of the jig should be 200 grams and above. Anything less than that will have a hard time reaching the bottom.


Our boat that day is a seasoned workhorse. Not the largest boat in port but to be honest quite well though off. Ah Hong’s boat fits seven people easily.

Our trip began by heading to a small pier in Tanjung Harapan to acquire bait. The bait of Port Klang is supposedly Mantis Shrimp. We acquired a bucket full of this and set out to the earliest spot.


Our earlier spots saw Maurice land a catfish like kind of fish. A lot of venomous spikes but apparently good for curry. Surely an exciting day to fish awaits ahead.

As the sun climbed higher activity in the waters begin to increase. Today’s current was quite tame and the fishes were looking for a more easier meal. Our bait proved to be a choice for the fishes today. In the second spot Maurice struck again.

20150328_111312 20150328_130910 20150328_130939

This time it was an excellent table sized red snapper. It is in this very spot too that we got our Red Snapper licence too. It was an awesome experience indeed.

Lee who was jigging today experienced quite a fight. His jig got the tail swipe of a massive Queenfish. This saw a high powered struggle between Lee and a 10 pound torpedo. After an arduous battle the underwater missile was brought in an bled on deck.

20150328_141154 20150328_141223

Ah Hung with a nicely caught Jenahak.


Lee’s Queenfish after its immense struggle.

Our modus operandi was to keep switching spots after landing a fish. This is as with each and every strike and fight the fishes around the waters sense danger and become spooked.

As we progressed through out the day our we got some positive results. Not bad for a day with almost no tide at all. The Mantis Shrimp bait proved to be something the fish here really enjoy.

20150328_142443 20150328_160142

Today’s trip saw a few firsts on a personal level. These firsts are: First wild Golden Snapper and first wild Red Snapper. There were some regrettable misses where positive takes were mistimed leading to some big misses. There was a very big take too that saw the fish get away thanks too a flayed mono line. All this would add to a better understanding for fishing in the future.


We dined at the Port Klang Yacht club’s restaurant. Despite its antiquated exterior the place boasts some really fine local food.

For more info you can get in touch with Ah Hong himself with regards to charters. The link below is his facebook page.

Ah Hong Port Klang Fishing.

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