Port Dickson (PD) Ali Fishing Boat Charter. Slow Jigging for big game fish in Malaysia

Slow pitch jigging in the seas of Malaysia is very popular. In the straits of Malacca which is on the west coast of the peninsular of Malaysia it is the best way to jig. Strong currents and moderately deep waters see a lots of anglers favouring 200g and above mid weighted jigs. Some brands of slow fall jigs that are used popularly are Shimano Butterflies, Xesta Flap and the cost effective Sabpolos.

A few weeks ago we took our gear to fish with Abang Ali who is one of the best skippers in the bustling coastal town of  Port Dickson. Abang Ali recently acquired a sports fishing boat with more of an emphasis towards jigging and popping. This boat can fit six jiggers very comfortably.

Ali’s spots is one of the leading sports fishing skippers in PD as for his profound knowledge of the waters of Port Dickson. Quite often at his marked reefs and spots we seldom see any other fishing vessels in the vicinity. Given this the results his trips yield are amazing.



Coral trouts are a special fish. This species of fish can only be jigged in the mornings. So without wasting any time Ali brought the whole crew to jig for this fish and with luck one of our members struck one. A fantastic fighting fish that is renown for its taste.



There is also an abundance of Golden Snappers in Alis spots. A few of these aggressive but very tasty fish managed to be brought up. A total haul of six good table sized snappers were landed.



Some very hard to get fish were landed too. Fishes like the Painted Sweetlips and a Giant Sea Catfish (GSC). Catching GSC on a slow fall jig is quite a feat.



Overall our trip on PD Ali’s new boat saw us slow jigged six Golden Snappers, one Coral Trout, one Grouper, one Cobia, one Painted Sweetlip and one Giant Sea Catfish. An impressive haul seeing that other boats seemed to have done rather tamely.

Ali can be reached by Whatsapp at 019 336 0107.

He can converse in Malay and English.

Please call first to inquire about availability.

Alternatively can be added on Facebook @ PD ALI



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