Pertama Tackle, Banting

Folks, Bating is the closest large town towards Sepang. Sepang is not only famous for its airports but also the fact that it has got some good fishing wetlands and beaches close by.

This shop so far is the only recorded fishing tackle shop in Banting. Fishing is a big past time in these parts as its closer towards the coast. This well can be a good place for anglers from the city to come to as its got a lot of unexplored parts.


Pertama Akuarium and Burung shop in Banting is a fairly good place to gear up. They do carry a fair amount of sea fishing tackle gear. Prices too are pretty much market rate. They even some live bait for fresh water fishing.


Selling mostly Ajiking and its sort with the occasional Penn and Okuma this suggests a healthy sea fishing activity from the folk . The low profile baitcasters in the bottom also suggest that there is a healthy luring community here in Banting. This only means that there might be some hidden spots in the surrounding vicinity.

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The shop also carries some live bait. Freshwater live bait though. The live bait quality is commendable as while we were there we spotted some very big seluang.


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Besides live bait there were also ornamental fish for the aquarium. Very common ones though.


Pertama Tackle in Banting sells some fairly good rods. Worth checking out if you're going sea fishing and you need some affordable gear in these parts. We're talking about basic Penns and a few other brands with Fuji Reels.

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There is also a fair amount of accessories to look at. While we were there a chap was getting some considerably huge hooks for big Barammundi in some of the waters nearby. Apparently the smallest fish according to that chap was approximately four kilogrammes. 

However fishermen tales are usually taken with a pinch of salt. When probed a bit more as to where it was our friend switched topics very easily. 

With that. If you're in Banting and you need some gear worth taking a look here.


Welcome to Malaysia. The fishing here is great and the fish here are awesome!

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if anyone goes here please advise if this marker is accurate as possible?

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