Peacock Bass School, SK Seri Jaya, Batu Gajah

We are continuing our tour for the Peacock Bass fish in the Kinta Valley of Perak, Malaysia. Fishing for this fish is relatively challenging as they are strong fighters. We follow the tip from Mr. Chin the propeitor of Maxedge Brokers tackle store in Batu Gajah. Our kind friend shares with us a spot with some considerable potential.

Point of entry before Clearwater Sanctuary

Entry to this place is at the turn off before the Clearwater Sanctuary resort. Use the SK Seri Jaya sign as a marker. Once on this road there will be a pond on the left hand side of this road. Parking on the shoulder here would be haphazard as the width of the road is only suitable for two cars and one will be blocking one whole lane by doing so.  

There are two ponds here altogether and what was of interest was in the pond behind the school. Right after the school the road turns into a gravel road with an established path.

20131119_141426 20131119_141430

Please wear some good footwear whilst here. On our drive in here we did sight a snake slithering across the gravel road. There is a substantial amount of bank for one to make a three point turn infront of this lake. Driving further would mean coming to a wooden bridge meant for motorcycles only. Bad idea to try negotiate this.

20131119_141450 20131119_141529

One part of this pond is fenced up. Best to fish in the parts where it is general. The banks in the general area were quite solid and clear of foliage as opposed to the fenced parts. One would be able to make a good cast and sit or stand comfortably on it. There was a good view of the water surface from this point.

We noticed some surface action characteristic of Peacock Bass. Using live baiting we tried to gauge the fish in question and how aggresive they were. Needless to say we had some takers despite the weather being quite mundane threatening to rain. Slow but still takers.

20131119_150418 20131119_151020

Despite the minnow sized bass, Mr. Chin did mention that they get alot bigger in these waters. He recommends his tied bronze clousers or live baiting while fishing here. The bass apparently get alot more bigger here.

Thus we do leave it to the travelling anglers to go out and see for themselves what goodies this pond has in store. If you find yourself in the Batu Gajah area again for fishing, please do check this place out and share with us your catch rate.

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