Peacock Bass Fishing Boat Charter Expedition Perak

Peacock Bass fish in Malaysia is a much sought after freshwater game fish. There are many large lakes in Malaysia that offer boat charters to out on its waters and fish the Peacock Bass. Peacock Bass anglers mainly practice catch and release. The Peacock Bass is an introduced species of fish in Malaysia and has got alot of mixed feelings amongsth angling community. Freshwater boat charter fishing is an experience on its own nevertheless and one should embark on a fishing expedition like this searching for fresh water lake and river monsters.

Quite recently a friend of ours, Mr. Sayur Keladi from the Lure Casters Malaysia group embarked on an expedition to one Peacock Bass fish haven in the northern hemisphere of the peninsular of Malaysia. Their destination was the Raban Lake of the monster lake next to it which is Chenderoh that is connected to the monster Perak river. This would be a Peacock Bass fishing destination in Malaysia. The Peacock Bass fish here is said to be available in huge sizes and its nature is almost akin to that of it in its natural amazon habitat.

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Armed with their baitcasting sets and their lures the boys comprising of Sayur Keladi, Kipas LipasMus Aziz and Asrin Ahmad went out on an expedition that can be described as excellent! The journey towards Kuala Kangsar usually takes about three hours from the Klang Valley and is approximately an hour outside of the city of Ipoh and same for the city of Penang. There is a highway that links into Kuala Kangsar and this lake is not very far from there. Currently the exact coordinates for the tourism jetty is not available however we will update this as soon as there is more info. Visitors planning to visit need not worry as the local inhabitants would be able to provide you better directions on the place.

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Despite their size peacock bass are ferocious fighters. Previously people who sought them had to go to the Amazon river to find them, now one need not go so far to gain a respectable catch. 

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Peacock bass are not fussy when it comes to presentation can can be caught on many kinds of lures. This aggressive habit of theirs makes them such a favourite amongst anglers. Bass fishing in Malaysia is becoming part of its angling culture and people are beginning to accept this.

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On a good day some anglers have reported to have lost count of the amount of bass that can be landed. Even in poor wheather the chances of fighting a bass is always there. One just needs to change their presentation approach and good sized bass can be caught.

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Many thanks to Sayur for sharing with us the images of his wonderful trip! We are quite excited to see a place like this available in Malaysia. We hope to see more expeditions to this wonderful place. The best way to fish in these waters is to hop on board one of its boat charters. According Sayur Keladi the fishing guides here despite being very young are quite capable and can bring you to the places where there are some good fish.

Do share with us if you are planning a trip somewhere and would like to show us how awesome it was.

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6 thoughts on “Peacock Bass Fishing Boat Charter Expedition Perak

  • April 28, 2014 at 17:45

    Please practice catch and release. Be a responsible angler. Do not "export" the peacock bass here to other locations.

  • December 15, 2014 at 17:06

    admin can you please refer me to ur boatman ?

  • February 16, 2015 at 07:47


    a great article – thanks. I live in Australia and have fished for Peacock Bass with lures and flies at Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Course on 2 recent holidays. Great fishing but quite limited as priority is given to the golfers. Can you give me some information on where I can fish for Peacock Bass if I do not have a boat or a car. I would be looking for places that I could get to by taxi. Hope you can help. Thanks. Glenn


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