Part 2: Daniel vs Tenggiri (King Mackerel) at Kuala Rompin

Day 2.

After a mediocre day, we met our boatman for dinner and discussed our fishing for the following day. The original plan was if day 1 sucked, we try for sails on day 2 but seeing the amount of boats on Saturday, it would only get worst on Sunday and Ah Liang agreed.

Practically every boat will be heading out on Sunday so the idea of table fish sounded very appealing and would cater for those who prefer bottom fishing, bait drifting, jigging, casting and whatnot. As usual after breakfast, we boarded Ah Liang’s boat and we headed out to a different spot leaving the remaining pack of boats.


First stop was to jig for baitfish specifically ikan tamban. Lo and behold, it was rubbish. We only caught a couple of tamban. By a couple I mean less than 5!!!!! We proceeded to the tenggiri spot with what little baitfish we had. Upon reaching, there was another boat there and we anchored probably round only 50-80 meters away from them.

Our boatman then started to setup 2 rods with live bait on balloons. He shouted over to the other boat and the other boatman said no results yet. Wasn’t an assuring sign but we soldiered on.While he was setting up, a few of us continue to try catch more baitfish.

Just a couple of minutes in, one reel started screaming. Boatman alerted us “FISH ON!!!!” and the nearest guy to that rod started to fight the fish. We saw a flash in a distance and Ah Liang confirmed it “tenggiri!!!!!” Next thing we knew, the other boat got a hookup.

While all this was happening, the guys on sabikis started to get good hauls of tamban. That was the sign we needed! A school of tamban crossed where our boats were anchored and following close by were tenggiris.


Jason was jigging at the bow of the boat and saw the guys in the boat beside us got a hit on heavy sinking minnows. He signaled me asking me to come cast Pintails to see if it would work after he had one hit but his leader snapped off behind the wire.

So with my popping rod, I went through my tackle box to look for one which was the similar color scheme of the baitfish around us. I took out the new Storm So Run heavy sinking minnow, attached a snap to my leader and started casting port side since we were so close to the other boat.

I was sure if I casted starboard side I would have landed my lure into their boat along side with Jason. Within the first few cast I felt an odd resistance while retrieving. I looked out to the distant where I cast out my lure. There was a sudden silver flash and next thing I knew the spool of my reel was spinning like a fan. Insanely fast and I shouted back to the stern “FISH ON!!!!!”.


The feeling of the tenggiri taking a lure was sheer Ecstasy. No warning. Just a flash then off it went right to the stern and it went one round to the other side of the boat. Ah Liang came to the bow, took my rod from me and asked me to go to the back as he perched precariously on the side to pass me my rod to avoid the fish snapping off my line on the outboards.

After a brief yet satisfying fight, I got the fish boatside and Ah Liang gaffed the fish as it was quite a decent sized fish. Everyone said I was extremely lucky to be able to bring the fish boat side. Heck in my heart I was also feeling lucky as f*** reason being I was fishing without a wire lead.

The tenggiri took the back treble and when it turned, the middle set of treble caught its gills hence steering my leader safe away from its mouth. Landed the fish but my leader has some pretty bad scratches.

To be fair, after landing my fish I took a seat, cut off the frayed leader to retie my snap and let someone else cast up front because only 2 casters can cast at one time from the bow. Jason was the next to get a hit but his leader busted off even with a wire lead in front.

Maverick suspects that it should’ve been a big tenggiri. A 12cm minnow with a wire lead and the fish took it whole. John who was also fishing with a wire lead had follows but none took a hit. After Jason has his lure snapped off, he asked me to come to the front to give it another try.


While all this was happening, the live baiters managed to land another tenggiri but lost quite a few as well. So I took my spot and within few cast, it happened again. A silver flash and my reel went zziiiinnnnnggggggggggg. I shouted again “TENGGIRI!!!!!”. Lady luck was on my side once more. This time it still hit the back treble but the middle treble caught the bottom of its mouth. Leader was unscathed.

After the school of tenggiri left, we headed to another spot for parrot fish which is what everyone was looking forward to. I switched to my PE 1-3 jigging rod instead so that I can max drag my reel to prevent the fish from running back into its hole.

My leader was 2 depa so that gave my prawn ample distance to roam and look lively. First drop, sat down and my rod bent into a perfect “J” and it was fish on for me. Boatman netted the fish, I rebaited and dropped my line down again.


Few minutes passed and I was on to another parrot fish. Indeed lady luck was following me right to this new spot. Action died down, John had a take but he lost the fish. I decided to relieve myself at the bow. While relieving myself, I told myself “Oh God please don’t eat now”.

Right at the peak of my moment, My rod bent into a “J” once again. Almost soiling my shoes, I just ran all the way back shouting “FISH ON!!!!” but I was too late. Lee who helped lifted my rod was unable to stop the fish from going back into its hiding place.


Our plan was to head back to the tenggiri spot once again at 3 but the weather took a turn for the worst and Ah Liang called it in. Total tally from our second day, 4 decent sized tenggiri (I landed 2 and another 2 from the guys at the stern livebaiting), 2 parrot fish and a couple of selars and tamban.

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