Kuantan River Estuary. Washing Machine / Sinker Eater!

Folks! Salam dari pantai timur semenanjung Malaysia. We are in Kuantan again. Seeing that its surf month and we are looking for good surf fishing beaches and fish of Malaysia. Today's place in question is right next to the beach village of Tanjung Api in Kuantan.

Getting here is relatively easy. Once you see the Tanjung Lumpur Bridge is right opposite you. Turn left at the cross junction and then a right. The idea is to head to Pantai Tanjung Api. Apparently this is a sting ray heaven.

This place has it all. Fresh dead bait. Not the frozen stuff. There is a market here where some fishermen sell their fresh from the sea day haul in the evening. Opens at about 3 PM. This is a good place to look for bait.


In some instances fishes are said to not take thawed frozen bait so for those who like to take extra precautions this is a good place to start before fishing in these parts. There is also a rudimentary tackle cooperative shop right next to it run by the Fishermen Association of Pahang. These chaps have got some interesting gear.



Items that can be gotten from the cooperative are such as: Very heavy weights and big a** hooks. There is no specialist tackle though. People who come to get the stuff here usually have got some very serious tackle already. One can build a shark rig if i'm not mistaken by visiting here.



Now for the best part. The weights here might look like a 6 but weigh as much as a ten. So don't underestimate them.


If you find the weights above to much for you then the ones below i think would be of interest to you. Do take note the ones above cost RM 1.60 only. A whole lot of sink for a lot less money. 


After getting some of the cost effective merchandise and bait (We got five bait fish recommended by the fish monger for RM 3 and the cheap sinker) the mouth of the river was the next destination. Expecting a unkempt mangrove site we were quite impressed with what we saw there.



This place is quite a fishermen friendly place! With benches and the works. Even the chains on the balustrades serve as a rod rest. One can practically cast out and let the rod lean on the chains. Works just as good do turn of your brakes and loosen the drags though. Flying rods are an anglers worst nightmare.



Folks we visited there while tide was low. Even at that point large fishing vessels were passing through. Shows that the waters here run deep. Do take precautions here as the floor here can become very slippery.

Avoid the part above

During high tide avoid fishing at the "bow" of this place. Reason being its shallow sand bank and its a long one. While we were there we manage do get a glimpse of what the high tide had left behind earlier.



The dead minnows could be from the fishermen washing their net here. However the puffer's COD was difficult to determine. All we know is that this fella was the size of a football. Amazing!

Folks, the place above is an estuary. Please use sinkers you are willing to lose. Best to try slide baiting with badly tied weight rigs. Reason being is that the current here is super strong. We casted a 8 weight sinker and it was swept into the sea while taking immense line in a matter of seconds. One way to describe it is being striped by the the river itself. So have lots of line.

Do also try to cast as far out as possible as there are some submerged parts of the estuary that still might have remnants of the mangroves. This could also be rubbish as it is the mouth of the river after all. 

Challenging fishing here however there are folk from these parts who still fish here. One reason why would be the food waste and jetty waste (fish parts, shrimp skin) that are washed out here tend to attract a lot of fish to it. So its a matter of trial by error and learning by observation here. 

Anyone with any catch experience in these waters please do come forth and share.


Welcome to Malaysia. The fishing here is great and the fish here are awesome.

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What we do even google has got nothing on us. 

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