Ong Tackle, Batu Gajah

The fishing tackle business in Malaysia is big business. Many players have been in the market for many years. In the same time newcomers too enter the higly lucrative business. Usually anglers themselves these entrepreneurs face as much challenges as any other businesses do. However with the right diligence and work ethics, their tackleshops can be successful.

Ong Tackle is the baby of the bunch here in Batu Gajah. Opened quite recently it is run by a husband and wife team who seem quite bullish about what they are doing. Despite the limited merchandise they try and cover the neccessities. Being in a town like Batu Gajah too they try and keep costs at a minimal.

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Judging from the setup these folks have got big plans for the place. The shop still in it infancy has got alot of room to grow. Some of the supplies include live baiting, fish rearing, guide services and fish rearing services.

The shopkeepers here are very friendly and offer easily information about fishing in these parts. For those who need live bait worth checking out ro get your supplies. Since this is Peacock Bass country the place has a lot of bass centric gear.

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A tackle resource worth having in Batu Gajah. Please put it on one of your options for supply if restocking in the vicinity. There are alotgether three shops here in Batu Gajah and this is the second of the three shops.

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