Megabass XLUSH

Some of us will never buy this lure out of pure principle. Being Megabass it’s going to cost an arm and a leg. I have a big question mark though. What kind of difference does the Megabass make compared to the others out there?

A pencil poller that doesn’t pop like a conventional popper. Interesting indeed. Please take a look at this video on how the japs are using the lure.


Beautiful indeed



With all the science the japanese have put into the development, there are some colours to go with it. Being a top water lure it can be a safe buy as the risk of snagging would be minimal. (if you are insane enough to buy one.)


Here’s the video on how to use this:



PS. Wait for the replicas. At this point of time this lure would be about a month old. The replica would not be far behind.


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