MAEPS, Serdang, Railway Tracks

Good fishing with rod and line is difficult to find in KL (Kuala Lumpur). Councils around Malaysia in general have some sort of aversion towards anglers. Whats even worse us that these councils protect fish of least concern and invasive species with sheer prejudice. However folks, we witnessed something very peculiar for the very first time the other day: A lake with landscaping designed just to stop anyone from from fishing.



The folks who designed this place were so sure of their landscaping that they did not even bother to put up a fence. Getting here is a cinch. Drive straight into MAEPS and park in the parking lots in front of this lake. Since you are not allowed to fish best to do your morning exercises like jogging or walking here.


The picture above is generally the same scene all around the waters here. Bait casting enthusiasts, fly fishermen, ultra light anglers this place is a very raw deal for your skills. Only method do-able here is bottom fishing. However since there is no fishing allowed best to stick to jogging and walking or cycling.



There were certain open spaces here and these were very “green” boat ramps. Probably used by the labour in these parts to collect dead plants and debris. Whilst there only minimal surface activity was witnessed. However since no fishing is allowed please continue your exercise.



There are altogether three lakes here. The largest being the middle one has got the KLIA express tracks running through it. The scale of planning to hinder any form of angling is still felt from the spots above. We are talking about 200 meters from the parking lot.

One thing we would like to mention is do not be stupid and cross the train tracks. You will die from electrocution if its not your day! Take the tunnel nearby and walk safely underneath it. Many of us can relate to incidents like these where people die from just being lazy to take the designated routes.




The final lake is quite visible from the highway. There is a fence that blockades this place from the highway. That particular fence does look a bit battered from the elements. The banks seen here are soft like putty and one can sink into them and ruin their shoes. Please wear appropriate footwear.




Our trip towards the other side of the lakes seem to be futile too with only one or two spots open like the part above. This is a very good jogging park and one can exercise a lot when walking around here.

Folks this place is a no go zone. For very good reason we support the no fishing policy of this place. The risk of people dying from crossing the tracks or going to close to it is too great. We know that its dangerous but we cannot stop the foolish from being fool hardy.

Having said that does not mean this place is a total loss. This place does seem to be a good place to rear some good game fishes. If not for sport perhaps for observation and conservation. There is a lot of fishing pressure in the Klang valley anyways.


Welcome to Malaysia. Fishing here is great and the fish are awesome.

To further prove our support for the no fishing rule no maps will be provided. Please consider this place a miss.

One thought on “MAEPS, Serdang, Railway Tracks

  • September 21, 2014 at 13:01

    It’s a no fishing zone. But i do it anyways. I’ve caught a juvenile hampala barb here and i see dead giant peacock bass with no body (probably being eaten by a biawak i guess) on the ground. So this place is cool i guess.


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