LKIM Jetty, Pekan, Pahang

Saltwater fishing boat charters is a good way to enjoy saltwater fishing in Malaysia. Fishing in the east coast of Malaysia is a popular past time and even the locals who live along the coast make time to enjoy fishing. In the South China Sea the boat charters don't take you very far of the coast as there are plenty of fish in the waters there. Some fish good for table fare and some fish good for game fishing. Do practice fishing sustainably though.

Quite recently we hopped on board a boat of one of the GP Joran sea fishing tournament. The GP Joran tourney saw tournament anglers setting out from the LKIM Jetty in the town of Pekan in the state of Pahang. This jetty sits right at the mouth of the might Pahang River and is quite an awesome place to fish in.

We had the good fortune to document the place at its highest tide. Finding this place would need some guidance if you have never been to the Town of Pekan. We honestly can't remember the path to the place but we can assure you that our google maps pin would be accurate.

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We spotted many of the locals fishing here at that point in time. Fishing here is allowed however its best to avoid when there are boats docked in the jetty offloading fish. The depth of the water here is estimated at about 20 odd feet or deeper. One indicator would be that the this Jetty is can dock 40-50 foot long fishing boats easily.

The Bay in which the jetty is located is has got a narrowed channel. This is due to the land reclaiming being done right at the mouth of the river. How this will affect the fish behaviour is yet to be determined. This however does give an aesthetic plus if you are rock angler that likes to pop or cast lures. This is also possible from the Jetty itself.

20140601_123000 20140601_123004

Waters in the estuary are often murky. Having said that its poor sight and fast flowing currents can in some instances hold very respectable sized fishes. The fish species that are said to be available are Barramundi, Rays, "Duri", Mangrove Jacks, Pompano just to name a few. The folk who fish in these parts prefer to use surf rods to fish these  waters.

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If you find yourself in Pekan and fancy a bit of sea fishing, this is definitely one place you should try and fish. There is a food stall nearby if you need some drinks and cooked food. A wonderful place to fish on a nice sunny day like the one in the picture.

Many thanks to the organisers of GP Joran for inviting us to their tournament and showing us this marvelous place. We will find ourselves fishing here again if we have the chance. Do share if you have any experience fishing here.

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