LIFT 2013: Setting out and the Motley Crew of Knotty Men

Picking up from where we left of yesterday. We continue our special on the Langkawi International Fishing Tournament  (LIFT) 2013. Many thanks to team Knotty for allocating a berth for us on their boat for the fishing competition.

Members of Team Knotty are:


From left to right:

Laurie, Mike, Caesar, Bard, Nasir and Fynn.

This picture was taken in front  of Tammalang Port right after customs clearance.

Customs clearance was the morning agenda for all teams taking part in the tournament. This usually quick procedure was strained a bit due to the immense number of anglers taking part in this procedure all at once.  Albeit slightly lengthy the whole episode was gotten over without much regret.

After completing customs the busses ferrying the anglers brought the participating teams to a shopping centre in Satun for them to get last minutes supplies before setting out to sea. Vital supplies like bottled water, bites, energy drinks and for team knotty this was an important source of berley.

Friends from Muadzam Shah, Pahang
Friends from Muadzam Shah, Pahang
Ijat very happy with the experience in Thailand so far…

After the supplies trip to the super market, our busses stopped at the market district in Satun. Here we were requested to help support the market traders of Satun. We gladly obliged as there was some of the freshest bait available that could become very useful when fishing in this tournament.

Apart from the wet section the market of Satun is definitely a place of interest for the lost tourist. Bevy of fruits, spices and delicacies to be found here.

2013-10-25 11.14.41 2013-10-25 11.15.53 2013-10-25 11.19.53

After our little wander trough the market streets of Satun, the anglers were ferried to a beach side restaurant for some very sumptuous lunch. Here we managed to see all of the anglers participating in the tournament. A cheerful spirited bunch they are.


Team Sea Hunter 2013
Team Sea Hunter 2013

After a quick lunch. All teams eager to set out too sea took part in the drawing of boats. Here team Knotty drew boat number 2. This part of the programme took place very smoothly and we were all back on the bus to “Pak Barra” jetty in no time at all.

2013-10-25 12.22.58
All participants fired up and ready to go.

2013-10-25 12.13.29

Upon arrival to the Pak Barra jetty we wasted no time in offloading the bus and sorting out our own gear while waiting for our boats to arrive. In the mean time His Excellency the Governor and several dignitaries from Malaysia had some spirited words to share with us before flagging off out towards the Andaman.

2013-10-25 14.28.55


2013-10-25 13.43.21

The Pak Barra jetty was a scene of chaos and excitement at the same time. Anglers were crazy loading and their gear and wishing each other luck. The Siamese boat men that had arrived were quite a spectacle themselves. Arriving with all intensity eager to take the excited anglers out to sea and compete for LIFT 2013.

Here are some shots of the jetty before setting out to sea and finally beginning to fish.

2013-10-25 14.30.41


Siamese Jack Sparrow.. Jaa Sparrow
Siamese Jack Sparrow.. Jaa Sparrow
2013-10-25 14.36.26
The boats racing out to sea to find the fish.

2013-10-25 14.36.29


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