LCCT Roundabout. Now the angler can endure the arduous arrivals!

Are you an angler on the way to LCCT? About to pick up a loved one who is arriving in the next few hours? Or are you waiting for a flight that has been delayed for hours? Would you like to do what you like to do the most while waiting?

Folks worry no more! Now you can! Fishmalaysia presents to you the roundabout pond on the road to the LCCT. This place is one of the many places that the ardent angler can go to while on duty waiting for people to arrive at the LCCT!

To begin with this place is no hidden mystery to many of those who have gone to the LCCT. As a matter of fact many a times droves of anglers were spotted fishing in these  waters. Clearly a stop over before the destination (sic).



There are three ponds here one can fish from. These are believed to be the water source for the plantation in the dry season. Private property of MAHB, fishing in these waters can attract frowns.

According to the elder De Rozario this place used to be a haruan haven where people would walk away with sack loads of them. This does give of the vibe that this place has been over fished. Yet despite all that we did see some surface activity at the third pond.

20130630_173958 20130630_174028

Folks you should think twice about consuming the fish in the waters here. Reason being is that these waters according to the signage might contain chemical waste that has contaminated the waters. These chemicals might also have absorbed into the fish. No clue as to if this enhances the flavour of the fish, however it does effect ones innards.

The third pond in the cluster of ponds here is the most interesting one. Quite simply because its overgrown with underwater reeds. This is good and also bad at the same time. Good because the fishes in this pond would impossible to get too without technical know how. Bad because it shows that the fertilizer waste in the water has unnaturally boosted the growth of the plant to engulf the whole pond.


The banks around these waters are nice and flat. On top of that they are quite solid too. With very low foliage around it fly fishermen can do their work here too. One pond is about the size of 2 badminton courts back to back so its not a very challenging walk. Please wear some good footwear though.

20130630_174128 20130630_175557

Do be careful when veturing on to the reeds though. The banks here are still very soft despite the prolonged dry season. The water despite the contamination warning is relatively clear. Do fish for sport though. Eating them is only endangering your lives. Sport fishing would be catching and releasing if the term still defeats you.

20130630_175600 20130630_180846

While fishing in these waters with the fly our writer had the good fortune to feel the sting of these mini hornets. The hornets despite their size give a very intense jolt. The sting is multiple the strength of a conventional bee sting. However there is very minimal swelling and its for a brief moment though. Please do not bring children along if you are planning to fish here. 

This place is right after the roundabout that leads to the LCCT. One can park on the road shoulder and walk down a path to this place. Fair amount of parking. Be mindful of traffic coming around the roundabout. Please avoid parking on the emergency lane.

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Welcome to Malaysia. The fishing here is great and the fish here are awesome!



2 thoughts on “LCCT Roundabout. Now the angler can endure the arduous arrivals!

  • July 1, 2013 at 17:19

    I've personally fished here about a year ago. Caught my very first haruan here too on a weedless frog at the 3rd pond ! Nevertheless, was told that one could even try the ditches (if it's not dried up) just before entering the area. Hope it's not overfished by now. =)

    • July 1, 2013 at 23:28

      Thanks for the input Nathan! Looks like we have to dig up the o’l baitcaster and cast around then..


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