Latest Fishing Lures of 2014, Featuring Megabass Sea Lure

Fishing lures are a popular way to fish good sized fishes. The bait casting reel is a preferred reel to use when fishing this method due to the distance it offers. Here in Malaysian fishing lures with a bait casting reel is something popular to do with many folks calling themselves casters. Many bait casting anglers in Malaysia practice catch and release or “CnR”. The fishes they mainly target for are Peacock Bass, Toman and Hampala Barb in some fresh water settings.

Here are some lures recently released in 2014 for casting enthusiasts to consider in their future purchases. Some of these lures are saltwater spec and if paired with the right tackle can offer great casting distance. Here are the latest lures out.

Storm® Arashi™ Wake Crank


Lucky Craft LC Spin


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Berkley Havoc Money Maker

02 03 04 berkley-havoc-money-maker

OSP Blitz Max Crankbait

osp-blitz-max-crankbait-for-bass-fishing 02 03

Megabass Marine Gang & Flatbacker

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