Latest 2015! VMC Gliding Jig

VMC has introduced an exciting new toy for those who love fishing for bass. The new Gliding Jig by VMC displays some very exciting action. This action seems to be irresistible to fish.

Initial tests show that is it quite suited for bass type fishes in the states. Anglers here would most likely use them to target Peacock Bass and Toman. There might be the odd Hampala Barb.

There is no information available yet on saltwater usage. In the event if one would like yo try it out in the salt best to work in much more shallower waters. This would be most suitable to work in a micro jigging manner.

VMC’s Gliding Jigs come in weights of  5.3 grammes and 3.5 grammes. Suitable enough to work medium to larger soft plastics.

We are yet to see them in stores in Malaysia.


Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.29.26 AM


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