Kolam Tow Foo, Sri Kundang, Rawang

The Tow Foo fishing pay pond in Rawang has been around for ages. This is a catch and release fish pond that is very affordable in Rawang. The fish that can be found in this fishing pay pond are Rohu (Grass Carp), Patin (Catfish), Pacu and many more. Entry fee for this fishing pond is RM 20 for a duration for 12 hours and this is inclusive of a monthly jackpot. 


Getting here is quite the affair. One would need to first find this place called Kundang which is right after Rawang. Once in this area one would need to look for the golf course situated here. The Tow Foo pond is situated right behind this golf course. The road that leads to this place is a sand path and in the dry season can be very dusty.

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We suspect this place to be a pet menagerie. Apart from the fishpond the codger that looks after this place rears his chickens and has a miniature aviary. He also displays a penchant for horticulture with the existence of some vary mature cacao trees surrounding the embankments of the lake.

A faint tinge of chicken excrements wafts through the air however this dissappears as soon as the winds change. The waters in this pond is a rich green and is aerated by a mill that sits in the centre of the pond.

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One of the patrons came forth and mentioned that the sizes of the fishes here were verey respectable. However to land one would require some technical knowledge of the place and bait to be used to fish for these fish. In our brief fish there we noticed some very distinct rises similar to that of large patin. There was also a school like behaviour characteristic of Pacu.


Alot of action could be seen in the banks that were on the side of the golf course. However this part of the pond did not provide any tangible cover hence we opted for the shady comfort of Tow Foo's atrium banks.

Fishing here is quite pleasant. The distance and silence it offers from the city makes it a good get away on sunny days for light travelling anglers.

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