Kolam Pancing Pulau Indah

Fishing in Malaysia is a big sport. Fishing can be considered as one of the very popular hobbies amongst Malaysians. Ultimately alot of anglers would like to go sea fishing. However the cost to charter a boat is somewhat indulgent and hence many are unable to do so very often.

To cater to the demands of those seeking to fish for strong fighting sea fish, the coastal shores of Malaysia is littered with saltwater ponds that stock up some decent sea fish. However many questions do surface with places like these. Questions like:

1. Are they really affordable?

2. Being landbase could they offer better packages or atleast a variety of options?

The hobby is alive and kicking. It is also growing rapidly with more and more people across the geographic scope picking up the hobby. Do the businessess try and nurture it or still persevere with the old ways?

Some questions that play in the back of our heads at most of the times. We visit an unique saltwater pond in the island of Indah. Kolam Pancing Pulau Indah is propably the only establishment seen so far in Malaysia to be in such an arrangement.


To begin with this place is relatively easy to find. All one needs to do is just follow the signage "Jabatan Hidrografi TLDM". This place is right next to the Royal Navy's Hydrography Centre. At the roundabout that leads to the centre all one needs to do is take the first exit at this place.

What really interests us is that this place is a floodwater cachement pool. Being right next to the sea the water that flows in here is naturally saltwater. Hence the place is capable of sustaining live sea and estuarine fishes. 

Parking here sould be a cinch as there is ample space by the road shoulder to park your car. One can even choose to park inside the premises or even drive right up to the desired spot of the within the pond itself. A very hard quality to come by in many other places.

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Rates here are fairly affordable. The propeitors seem to charge more for fly fishing enthusiasts. On what grounds though seem to elude us. Luring with hard lures of soft plastics are prohibitted. Why is this so is also a question mark. A pretty place that seems to have plenty of room for all forms of fishing, to be honest.



The pool is about the size of two football fields. This makes it a very large saltwater pay pond. The water is clean but coloured very characteristically to that of the estuarine. Whats really pleasant though that its constantly flowing. This ensures water quality is good most of the time.

From the banks, we examined the waters here to be teeming with life. There are plenty of cichlid like baitfish around the banks of this pool. These fish can be found very close to the edge of the water and are about the size of a calling card. 


There are many kinds of fish to be found in this pool. The fish recorded to be in the waters are fishes such as Milkfish, Barramundi, Tarpon and Tilapia. There are more kinds of fishes available here. These other specimens have not been recorded though.



There is a firm solid concrete bank that surrounds the whole lake. This makes it ideal for one to cast flies and in some instances surf rods out into the middle. To add to the comfort of the angler one can actually drive right up to their desired spot in the whole lake. This is made possible with the road encircling the whole place.



The depth of the waters in these parts weren't made available. Some interesting activity to note would be the boilings of Tarpon in these waters. In Malaysia the kind of tarpon mainly found are the lesser sized ones. These mini missiles still pack a punch if one is using light tackle.


Overall an interesting place to fish in. Perhaps a treat for those who enjoy sea fishing. Considering the journey if you don't live in these parts, it can be very gratifying if you land a whopper in these parts. 

Fly fishing anglers should start tying their sea flies if they plan to take on some fish here. A good place to fish if you're feeling indulgent.

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