Kolam Memancing Air Masin Balok

In the east coast of peninsular Malaysia, fishing is quite an exciting affair. Fishing is said to be a cross between a hobby and a way of life in the east coast towns like Kuantan, Besut and many more. The coastal towns of the east of peninsular Malaysia has alot to offer.

The fishing ponds along the coast are mainly saltwater ponds. This only means bigger and stronger fighting fish aplenty. We stumbled upon this exciting pond in Balok recently and this place has taken the cake in what we believe is a good pay pond.

This pond in Balok has all the ingredients to make it a very good pond. Here are some features of the place that made us so thrilled by it.


First and foremost the place looks very decent in size and in surrounding. Getting here is a cinch, this place is situated on the road heading towards Cherating. It is on the left hand side of the  road after passing the Swiss Garden hotel and resort. Is after the bridge that crosses Sungai Balok. There will be sign on the road that leads to this place.

Do take note that the road is an earth road and can be very bumpy. This is however for a short while only. There is a fair amount of parking space right outside the pond so this can be a good time to choose parking in and orderly manner.

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This pond has a very large fishing boat parked right outside of it as you can see. Beyond the boat is a pond that is about the size of two tennis courts. This pond is famed for its depth and according to the owner Mr. Siow it is about fifteen feet deep. This could make it a very deep man made fishing pond.

The current management in this place is about a couple of months old. This makes it a relatively new pond with alot of exciting features. Mr. Siow charges RM 15 an hour with a minimum of three hours. This also requires a deposit to be added on. However he is not to particular about the way one can fish here.

To begin with one can use luring or fly fishing here. However his request would be that these lures use single hooks. Talons are a no-no. Our friend also is not to particular about catching and releasing. So it is not compulsory to buy the fish caught here.

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The fish here are big. Proper game sized and strong fighting fish. There is a preview tank in the at the entrance that displayed the contents of the lake to the visitors. According to Mr. Siow the big Barramundi in the tank is approximately seven killogrammes and that is the standard size available in the pond. There is a good number of large Barramundis apparently.

The largest fish in this pond is a sixteen kilo grouper. This fish has not appeared in some time and possibly it has grown more. Mr. Siow has inserted some large red drum and large Barramundi into the pond some time ago. He did even insert snappers but those did not fare so well. He prides the pond for having strong fighting fish.

Whilst we were there we had good fortune to see an angler making a good haul. 


The water in this pond is pumped from the mangrove of Balok. There is a river right next to it. This is fresh saltwater and not purged like some ponds. The fish here also look quite healthy.

We peeked into the small keep pens in the pond and saw some very interesting fish available for straight purchase.

20140131_111327 20140131_111338 20140131_111350

As an added service Mr. Siow doubles up as a tekong for sport fishing. The boat parked outside the pond is available for charter at a very affordable day rate. Mr. Siow will personally navigate the boat for and visit all the hotspots for anglers.

Being a very new place to fish in Balok, Kuantan this place is set out to impress.

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