KL Ng: Jugra Saltwater Ponds

KL Ng has been wandering around the canals and ponds of Jugra too. Our friend on a family excursion shares his views and sightings on the place. Folks fishing sea fish in Jugra is something of a growing phenomenon.

By KL Ng


Took family on a makan angin trip around Banting & Jenjarom recently. Then when I was passing by Banting, I recalled there is a few saltwater ponds here so I went in to check it out. Getting to this place is quite the challenge if you are not familiar with Banting area. Luckily, the locals are very helpful in pointing out to me where to go to “Kolam Siakap!”.


To get here, you first need to get to Banting town. Then follow the road “Jalan Sungai Buaya” to reach Kampung Bandar. Once there, just turn right & turn left on any of the plantation roads. You’ll reach the ponds eventually. This place is actually a fish farm but some of the operators have opened up their ponds for fishing.

There are two fishing operators here.

First Pond

Siakap Gold Fishing Enterprise.
Fishing fees here is RM 3 / entry. They operate from 9 am till 12 am. This pond is stocked only with Siakap (Barramundi) from 400g to 1.5kg. All fish caught must be taken which they charge RM 15 / kg. The usual fishing method here is bait fishing with dead prawns but lure casting is also allowed. Treble hooks are not permitted.
Second Pond
En Zainuddin’s farm
The second operator actually has 3 ponds open for fishing. 3 of the ponds are stocked with one of each fish. Kerapu (Grouper), Jenahak (Snapper) & Siakap (Barramundi). There are two fishing options here. Option A is the normal take fish home. Fishing fees is also RM 3 / entry but they charge RM 5 / entry if you register at night. Fish caught, depending on species, are charged accordingly. For Groupers and Snappers is RM 17 / kg. For Barramundi is RM 15 / kg. There is also an Option B which is CnR fishing which they charge RM 50 for 2 hours. Lure casting is permitted but treble hooks are banned. They operate 24/7.


Personally, I think this would be a great place to try out luring. For RM 3, you could try luring the fish all you want without worrying about time limit. You just make sure your wallet is loaded with cash to buy those fishes when you caught them.

The fishes here seems to be larger than the first pond. A short walk around the ponds shows angler keeping fishes from 800g to 1.5kg

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