Joran Maju Tackle Shop, Ulu Langat, Kajang, Selangor

Tackle shops in Malaysia are known as "Kedai Alat Pancing". The fishing rod is known as "Joran" and the fishing reel is known as "kekili" or simply called "mesin pancing". Other forms of tackle such as the hook is called "mata kail" and bait is called "umpan". Knowing these terms can get you around any town if you are looking to buy tackle here in Malaysia. One can fish in pay ponds, rivers, lakes and so much more here in Malaysia. 

Quite recently on our pursuit to find the Bungsamran of Malaysia we found ourselves in the Ulu Langat area just before the town of Kajang. We were in for a long drive to hunt the big pond and just before entering the road that led to the Bungsamran of Malaysia we spotted this shop. Mind you this shop is not in the same area as the Bungsamran Pond, as a matter of fact its about twenty mins drive from there. However this could be the only tackle source closest to that place or ponds in that area.


Joran Maju is a fairly new shop in the tackle industry. We have provided the most accurate google maps pin of this place. We hope that this is most helpful if you find yourself in this location looking for tackle.

20140521_104745 20140521_104750

This is a fairly new shop. The gear here are the rudimentary gear that one can use and abuse freely. Prices here are standard market rate. The shop carries alot of intermediate to expert grade gear. These however are the more economical brands of this range.


20140521_104827 20140521_104834

One quirk that we did notice is the lack of lures in this shop. The owner must put alot of emphasis on food bait methods instead of the lure casting methods. Good choice of hooks and other terminal tackle.

20140521_104852 20140521_104900

This shop is essentially a bottom anglers shop. With wide variety of rigs and weights worth dropping by if you are planning to do some bait fishing in the Ulu Langat area. 

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  • November 30, 2015 at 14:53

    Dear sir / madam ,
    We are from Malaysia company wenz fishing sport.For our result ,we have a lot of inquiry from MALAYSIA other place customer. for our customer feedback is the transport fee is very expansive with small quantity.
    So now we already have a discuss,we would like to find a tackle shop in kajang to selling our company product.
    thanks you

    Best regards
    Alfonso teh


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