Happy New Year 2016, Some New Fishing Tackle for 2016

We here at Fishmalaysia would like to wish all our readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year of 2016. We certainly hope that you catch  your dream or target fish for this year.

Fishing in Malaysia has always had the same appeal as we left it before. After a long self imposed Hiatus we decided to pick things up again. However we will be moving at a moderate pace as many factors restrict our reporting.

We kick things off with a pair of new Daiwa Baitcasting Reels that are set to be released in February 2016. These are the new Daiwa Alphas Air and Daiwa Zillion SV TW. These reels boast some exciting new technology.


The Daiwa Alphas Air is a finesse reel that has some tolerance towards saltwater released by Daiwa. It comes in four different specification wit a whole load of new features.

AlphasAir_5.8 AlphasAir_7.2

The Specifications are:

5.8L, 5.8R, 7.1L and 7.1R.

These would be in reference to its gear ratio.

Some interesting new Technology would be:



30mm ZAION Star Drag and 80mm Crank Handle. Its improved design promises better ergonomics and feel during fish fighting.


Air Brake System.

This system is believed to reduce backlash incidents. It also greatly improves spool rotation.



G1 Duralumin Spool.

This would be the “strongest” aluminium based spool. It boasts twice the strength of Magnesium.


This latest Zillion version comes with the SV and TW technology. This means its much better than before.

SV stands for Stress Free and Versatile. TW here would be in reference to the T-Wing system.

This new reel comes in a vary of settings which makes it so exciting.



1016 SV and 1016 SV L, Gear Ratio 5.5.


1016 SV H and 1016 SV HL, Gear Ratio 6.3.


1016 SV SH and 1016 SV SHL, Gear Ratio 7.3.


1016 SV XXH and 1016 SV XXHL, Gear Ratio 9.1.

TW Wing System Function.


During Casting.


While Retrieving

Some other added features are such as below.


90mm crank handle with 2 ball bearing knob.


Ultimate Tournament Drag


Adaptable Mug Dial


G1 Duralumin SV Spool

handle Zaion

Large diameter ZAION Star Drag knob.


Speed Shaft.

These two very capable reels are set to be released in February 2016. We hope this would help your tackle purchase decisions for the year 2016.

Happy fishing and hope you have an awesome new year!

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