Getting ready for Ko Adang

LIFT 2013 (Langkawi International Fishing Tournament) will be starting this Thursday. We here at fishmalaysia will be boarding and fishing with the “Knotty Boys” team of the tournament. Many thanks to them for allocating a berth for us. In the run up to an international fishing tournament in Malaysia we take a closer look at the kind of gear involved in fishing for an event like this. Many thanks to Caesar team leader of the Knotty Boys for letting use peek into his war chest.

Caesar who has been fishing for more than half a century has pieced together his current war chest over the years of fishing he has done. Mainly a saltwater fisherman our friend admits that its he gets around better in the sea than on dry land. Aiming for a prize for LIFT 2013 things just got very serious.

popping for GT anyone?


Above would be the trawling lures that will be used. To be honest all the lures brought chances are will be used for trawling. Aiming big fish these super sized loud coloured lunks will be put to the test. Do take note the lead sinkers in the first picture are home made by Caesar. Some cost saving to give us more options for bait.

20131019_173536 20131019_173635

The above collective would be all the lures Caesar is bringing. To be frank there is more. This includes his favoured orange lure. A massive solid block of hard lure it is a favourite of large Mackerel.

20131019_182127 20131019_182132

A good sign that a lure works is usually the scars it bears. Same goes for freshwater lures too. Trawling would be a switch of method. Ultimately we will be baiting with bait for the monsters of Ko Adang, for that Caesar has cranked out the Bazooka.



We have a select number of rods being brought out for the tournament. All in the heavy weight class of rods. Amongst all the big rods there is one that really caught our attention. This particular rod is a 50 year old “Pflueger “ rod. This rod belonged to Caesar’s father and our friend is fishing with it for “old times sake”.


There will be no niche product testing for us in this tournament. Fishing to win we have cracked out some drums that are no nonsense. Smallest spool we have would be on the spinning reels. Big game line with big game drag only. No enjoying the fights, just hauling them on board.


Above is some part of the arsenal we will be taking into the tournament for us. As for technique wise and where we are fishing this cannot be confirmed at the moment as it is a “play by ear” situation.

The LIFT 2013 tournament will be taking place in the waters of Ko Adang from the 24th of October, ending on the 27th of October. With a total prize money of nearly RM80,000 this tournament is an international attraction for anglers around the region.

Do stay tuned to hear more on the updates of the tournament.

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