Fishmalaysia, Exclusive Jeremy Wade of River Monsters Interview

Fishing in Malaysia is a popular past time. The freshwater system of Malaysia still has got its River Monsters and our hero Mr. Jeremy Wade might just pay our waters a visit to investigate a mystery. However till that day comes we will have to just enjoy his latest season of River Monsters on television. 

Quite recently Mr. Jeremy Wade toured our part of the world. He stopped over very briefly in Kuala Lumpur and we had the good fortune to have a short Q&A session with him. Many thanks to Discovery and Astro for providing us with the oppurtunity to meet our hero Mr. Jeremy Wade.

Before the whole session began our editor Bard conveniently hit a writers bloc, realising that there is not much he could do in such a situation, we turned to our ever faithful readers for questions and this prooved to be the best decision ever. Your question ideas were amazing and we are ever indebt to you. 

Thank you to the readers so much for making this session possible. We will strive to bring even better news for you in the future.

In all we had ten questions, however due to time constraints we were only limited to a very generous seven. The information wereceived however from this whole session was invaluable!

Please enjoy the interview!


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