Fishing in Zoo Negara (National Zoo of Malaysia)

The National Zoo of Malaysia or locally know as Zoo Negara permits fishing in its main lake. For those looking for some freshwater fishing fun in Kuala Lumpur should consider attempting this lake. The fish available here in Zoo Negara are some of the favourite freshwater game fish. Fishes such as Toman (Giant Snakehead), Pacu and Patin (Iridescent Shark) are aplenty.


To begin with, the waters here is filled with storks, the trees are covered with these birds and one would need to be careful of bird droppings. Zoo Negara has been like this since forever, so best to adapt.

Initially fishing was prohibited, however the uncontrollable snakehead population that was predating the water bird species fishing here was gradually introduced. Today it is an attraction to the Zoo itself.

Zoo Negara charges RM 53 per person to fish in the main lake. However it is strictly limited to bait fishing only. Lure casting and fly fishing are not allowed. Apparently many fish have died in the past thanks to poor handling by anglers using these methods.

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Only certain parts of the lake is allowed to be fished. This is probably to keep the hooks as far away from the pedestrians and certain animals that are easily spooked. While we were there the water was a green. The fishes in it were thriving though. We had the good fortune to see some fishes being introduced to the lake. This is mainly to meet the demands of anglers who are frequenting this place more often now.

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Close to 300 KG of fish were added while we were there. This was done by the persons in charge of managing the fishing activity there. Its good to see more places starting to accept angling as a form of healthy recreation.

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The fishes here are still relatively wild. There was a big mama toman that was guarding fry which had our attention. We had a few follows but no conclusive hook ups. We did however had unusual success with the Tilapias and “Toman Rempit”.  At one point this became bothersome as the big fishes seemed to be surrounded by these. The fishes here seem to have the uncanny ability to spit out trebles so be forewarned.



Lure casting is not allowed. We were given permission as we did not bring any bait and was not aware of the rules in place. Bottom fishing here can be fun if one possesses the right bait.

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  • September 4, 2015 at 22:13

    I’m planning for a fishing trip at Zoo Negara. May I know what kind of bait to use there?


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