EFFTEX Fishing Tackle Awards 2015

Fishing is getting more exciting in 2015 everywhere. The rise of Slow Pitch Jigging is seeing a lot more anglers taking to the seas in search for game fishing experience. Better fishing gear is also seeing more and more newbies being interested in the sport. Here in Malaysia the amount of anglers seem to growing in tandem with the demand of the fishing tackle. Here are some of the best fishing tackle for 2015.

In order to know which brands are doing well in these difficult time we simply follow the EFFTEX expo. It is a measure which we use to gage the way fishing is growing around the world and what are the trends that are coming your way.

Here we have the list of award winners for the EFFTEX brand  of the year 2015.


  • Winner: A-Tec Inc (Silverna Taki TZ)


  • Runner-up: Daiwa (Saltiga Airportable)


Fly Rod

  • Winner: Sage Manufacturing (MOD)


  • Runner-up: Pure Fishing (Hardy Zephrus)


Fly Reel

  • Winner: Sage Manufacturing (CLICK Series)

Sage click

  • Runner-up: Pure Fishing (Hardy Ultralite CADD)


Fixed Spool Reel

  • Winner: Pure Fishing (Abu Garcia Revo MGX Spinning Reel)


  • Runner-up: Shimano (Stradic FK HG)


Multiplier Reel

  • Winner: Pure Fishing (Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast Low Profile)


  • Runner-up: Daiwa (Ryoga Shrapnel)


Fly Line

  • Winner: RIO Products (Single Handed Spey Line)
  • Runner-up: Snowbee (XS-Plus Extreme Distance M)

Monofilament Line

  • Winner: Momoi Fishing ( Momoi Shock Leader)
  • Runner-up: Rapala VMC Corporation (Sufix Super 21 FC)

Braided & Multifilament Line

  • Winner: Pure Fishing ( Spiderwire Dura-Silk)
  • Runner-up: Daiwa (morethan 12 Braid)

Hard Lure

  • Winner: Pure Fishing (Sebile Spin Glider)


  • Runner-up: Rapala VMC Corporation (Shadow Rap)


Soft Lure

  • Winner: Daiwa (Duck Fin Live Shad)


  • Runners-up: D.A.M. Effzett Real Life Catfish & Strike Pro (Pig Shad Junior)


Metal Lure

  • Mann’s Bait Company (Crystal Classic)
  • Runner-up: Zebco Europe (Black Cat Baby Carp)


  • Winner: Svendsen Sport A/S (Water Wolf Bottom Fishing Kit)
  • Runner-up: Frichy (Aluminium pliers)

Terminal Tackle

  • Winner: Vania Flies (True Hopper Set)
  • Runner-up: D.A.M. (Madcat Broom Jighead)


  • Winner: Daiwa (Gore-Tex High Loft Winter Suit)
  • Runner-up: Rapala VMC Corporation (Tactics Guide Vest)


  • Winner: Energofish (Benzar Jelly Baits Maggot)
  • Runner-up: Energofish (Champion Pellet 2mm Fluoro Carp 800gr)

Eyewear & Headgear

  • Winner: Costa Sunglasses (Cortez)
  • Runner-up: Svendsen Sport A/S (Lenz Optics Rogue)

Bags & Holdalls

  • Winner: Rapala VMC Corporation (Urban Hip Bag)


  • Runner-up: Strike Pro (BFT Pred8or Bag)


Visitor’s Choice

  • Winner: Eumer Finland (Spintube Flash).


We hope that this source helps you in making tackle decisions not only throughout the year but for future planning too.

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