Daniel Report: Modded ABU Garcia bait casting reel use. Improving fishing skill.

Abu Garcia fishing reels are one of the favourite reels anglers use for fishing in Malaysia. You can find an angler with an ABU Garcia fishing reel on deep sea fishing boat charters or plain simple bass fishing at the park. The reels are quite simple to use like any other fishing reels and have acceptable build quality. The older ABU reels are much sought after and are collectible classic reels for the vintage fishing reel collector. The newer ones are the product of the Purefishing line up of brands. 

Daniel, being a tech freak looks at ways to get more juice out of an ABU Garcia reel. Using his technical understanding he seeks to achieve improved casting performance and better the feel of an already very good reel. Here are the results.

ABU Garcia would not recommend anyone to do this. Unless you're Daniel of course.

By Daniel

Following one of my previous post regarding removing magnets from the cast control, I decided to give it another shot but this time with removing the centrifugal pins from my Revo Elite 8 instead.

If not mistaken, I remember seeing a few members here who mentioned they have the same reel so I decided to share this. Don't ask me why, but I have 2 spools for my Revo Elite 8. The Elite 8 uses Abu's IVCB 6 braking meaning it has 6 centrifugal pins; I decided to remove 3 pins on one of them. The same can be done on any Abu reels with the IVCB braking system.


Took it to Jugra's new C&R pong last Saturday to test it out. I did find difficulty casting on my first few cast because my brakes are always off on the stock spool. With the removed pins coupled with BOCA Abec 7 bearings, the spool starts up and spins dramatically faster. I had to dial up my brakes by about a quarter and it was game over.

Putting casting distance aside (I mean seriously, how far can you cast in Jugra pond without eating into peoples space), casting was effortless which is how I like it. Not much force needed. I was casting minnows down to 6-7 gram without any issues. Didn't try to go any lighter as my 30lb FG leader was the limiting point.


If you wanna convert your Elite 7/8 into a finesse reel, remove the pins. It does make a world of difference.

Sorry no catch photos. Only managed to land 1 small GT after 20 minutes of casting but that was it. Had a few other hits but nothing sticks. Bite rates were bad. Extremely bad. On that day, there were close to 15 anglers, only 3 person landed 1 fish each including me. Even the care taker said bites were few.

After 2 hours of casting, as a last resort, decided to release my frustrations on the siakaps instead. Landed me 6 siakaps and countless hooks thrown (I use debarbed hooks for the siakaps) in 30 minutes with a 7gram Zerek prawn.

Why do I debarb my Zereks? From experience, I've had siakaps swallowing it quite deep as the 7gram prawn has a different design and much smaller in size from the regular Zerek prawns. It's the one with the fixed hook protruding from the center back rather than the regular ones whereby you can remove the hook from the entire lure like a soft plastic. They didn't seem to take the regular ones that day.

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