Coarse Fishing Malaysia: Recognised Under The Sports Ministry of Malaysia

Coarse fishing is an international Sport. Coarse fishing tournaments are held all over Europe and it is currently by far the most professional sport version of fishing that exists. In Malaysia this sport is in its infancy, but not to be underestimated we have contenders heading up for world tournaments as early as the end of this year.

In the past few months the Coarse Fishing Association of Malaysia have been working very diligently to become registered under the purview of the Sports Ministry of Malaysia. The diligent work of this group of anglers have allowed them to  become an officially registered body under the Sports Ministry of Malaysia hence taking the whole fishing scene into an entirely new level here in Malaysia.

Earlier this week the association conducted an exhibition of technique for officials from the Ministry of tourism at the Putrajaya Wetlands recreational area. This exhibition was an introduction and a brief towards these officials to garner their support in future events that were to be undertook by the Coarse Fishing Association of Malaysia. 

2014-08-11 08.30.46

Officials of the Tourism Ministry were briefed on the various techniques involved in Coarse Fishing competitions and how an international match would take place and the kinds of settings required.

The officials were very satisfied by the presentation and voiced that the Tourism Ministry will provide support for the future events conduncted by the Coarse Fishing Association of Malaysia.

2014-08-11 09.09.29 2014-08-11 09.09.32

The Putrajaya Wetlands Recreational park is a facility that allows fishing in these parts for a small fee. Fishing can be done throughout the day here and the types of fished stocked in these ponds are from strictly local variety. From the brief fishing done here the place has got a lot of fishing potential.

2014-08-11 09.00.18 2014-08-11 09.00.22

Despite being in its infancy the Coarse Fishing Association of Malaysia has plenty of activities in store for the remainder of the year here in Malaysia. To kick things off there will be a talk that will be held in Titiwangsa on the 17th of August 2014.

2014-08-11 09.31.42 2014-08-11 09.20.11

To find out more on the event happening on he 17th of August please follow the association on their facebook page:

Coarse Fishing Malaysia

To get details and join in the fun at Titiwangsa join their event at the following link:

Coarse Fishing Clinic

To speak to someone about Coarse fishing you can message Nafeez on Facebook to get addtional details.

The following are more pictures of the exhibition that took place the other day.

001 002 003

Some pitures courtesy of friends who attended for the exhibition for the ministry officials.


Congrats to Lee for landing this fine Sebarau on a bait mix. Good catch from an expert angler! 

The Coarse Fishing Association of Malaysia cordially invites you to join them for their clinic at Titiwangsa this 17th of August 2014.

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