Caught! April 2013: Some new editions and the Haruan Team of Western Digital

Before we proceed, I’m fighting a loosing battle in Taman Aman. Hopefully this would be a reckoning of some sort.

Prior to that I visited to some jolly old chaps in Kelana Jaya. The lake of Western Digital. These chaps simple called themselves: Pasukan Haruan Kelana Jaya.

Hairi with his catch
Hairi with his catch
Idris with Hairi's fish
Idris with Hairi’s fish

In the background of the above picture you will see Pak Cik DIn cleaning his catch for the day. He’s a member of this trio of merry men. Will check in on these chaps from time to time.

Prior to that while acquiring some bait, we took some pictures to highlight some interesting species available in the markets today. Please be astounded.

20130425_113242 20130425_113245

The above would be paddlefish. American paddlefish as the chinese ones are allegedly extinct. These babies are on the threatened charts too. Could our deep mines be the last of its solace?

20130425_113256 20130425_113300

The sturgeons so far can be assumed as Amur Sturgeons. This is because of itsĀ colorationĀ and the fact theres a breeder in Kepong. Indigenous to Russia and China this to is Critically Threatened.


Freshwater rays for the avid anglers. Or extreme pet keepers.


Those slightly off tangent, one year old Arapaima perhaps?

Malaysia is really becoming a melting pot for fish enthusiasts.



Paddlefish are so adorable. When endangered (sic) Malaysians help!


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