Arena Pancing: The lady of Temerloh

On the highway to Kuantan this is probably the only visible tackle shop. This is at the turn off at Temerloh on the highway taking the road that leads to Jerantut, the wild side of Malaysia. Where monster fish and awesome fishing await anyone. That folks is another adventure altogether.

Folks, these are just the kind of shops we like. They are hardworking shops. Many would wonder why would they be hardworking? Well for one they sell a lot less items when compared to your bigger shops. They offer you the best solutions to their means to get your business. Unlike some shops which adapt a "can do" without your business attitude.

Friends, ever wondered if the likes of your media and airline moguls will open a tackle shop as a source of income? If you were an accomplished tackle giant then it would be of no problem at all. You would not have to get your hands dirty dealing with the furiously haggling anglers. However these frontliners in the small shops, outskirts and far corners of our Malaysia are another breed themselves. They do the business because they purely love fishing. Don't be suprised that some of them are actually living their dream which is to own a tackle shop. 20130716_105317

Parking in this place was a cinch. There was ample parking right at the door step would be able to fit approximately ten cars. Suitable for convoys.

One thing that got us attracted was that they sold parts bait. There is a fair amount of chicken innards and spares that can be bought from this shop at any time. This could be because the fishing here could be close to the wild as can be. The river would throw everything at you including crocodiles.



One thing we noticed is that they have a lot of spinning reels and these were not small. Even the light tackle lines here seemed to have been shelved for a long time. Anything from 30 pounds and above seemed to be a fresh from the factory.



There was a makcik  that ran the premises. This industrious lady was also the owner too. We could tell because of the conviction in her voice when she griped about support from the suppliers. Ever noticed a recurring theme where many tackle shops are run by ladies.



A small shop with a bit of everything. There were even nets for those folk who depended on netting for a living.  The only thing that this shop lacked was some fly gear. That would be a bit much to be frank. Gear here is good enough to get by.


This shop is set up for the angler who's camping here and want's to succeed in landing that big catch. As the saying goes no room for mistakes in the jungle. If you are looking for specialist items or finesse fishing best to bring your own gear or gear up in the city before slicking here to the jungle. Chances are you might still have to at least bait up from this shop or a shop of this kind.



For the man on the street and for the small hard working shops. Fishmalaysia is your friend always. We will bring keep this site free so that you would not have to buy advertorials. The only thing that we want you to do is keep fishing!

Do you dream of opening a tackle shop?


Welcome to Malaysia. The fishing here is great and the fish here are awesome.

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