Anglers Garage, Premium Fishing Tackle Shop in Shah Alam. Kedai Pancing Alat Berkualiti Tinggi.

Fishing in Malaysia is a popular sport. There are many serious anglers in Malaysia. Currently in Malaysia there is a “Saltwater Big Game” fish phase. Many angler’s in Malaysia are pursuing this craze using the slow pitch jigging method to go fishing in the deep waters of the straits of Malacca and the drop offs in the Andaman.

However the slow pitch jigging method seems to be coming to a passé for the the anglers that began it. These types of angler’s only wish to challenge themselves further and are only interested in the pinnacle of fishing for monster fish in the salt.

The next big thing that is destined for any angler in the advanced stage of their hobby is GT popping. GT Popping is an amazing form of the angling sport. It demands both great physical and mental strength. Apart from being physically fit one would need to have some exceptionally good gear. By saying good here it would mean frigging versatile and strong.


One shop has set out to meet this demand. This small establishment is called Anglers Garage in Shah Alam. This shop is really a candy store for big game anglers who take their gear very seriously. This shop is for the angler that has perfected their skills and only seek to improve on it.  This shop is definitely a premium tackle shop in KL.

The owner Eddy is an avid big game fish angler. He has an obsession for fishing GT and he opened this shop probably to share his obsession with like minded anglers out there. We can see a few people that will throng his shop looking for the gear which he has to offer.

To begin with, Anglers Garage has on display some very premium rods. The ones that are on display are personal popping rods that belong to Eddy himself. These would be very special edition Carpenter “Super Popping” rods. The “le Grand Mer” is the best rod to have with you when popping for very big GT. Having said that these rods  natural habitat are the waters of the Javan Strait in drop-offs near the bottom of Kalimantan and the island of Komodo.


There is a beautiful array of stick baits and poppers too for display in Eddy’s proud chest of saltwater arsenal. Ranging from some wonderful Hammerhead poppers to Carpenter Sea Frogs and some very premium Napalm Stick Baits. It is a small fortune but a fierce battle box. Some might wonder why invest such an extravagant amount in fishing lures? To answer that is a simple myth, where it is believed that the biggest and baddest GTs are extremely picky. If it doesn’t swim beautifully it wont be interested in raising itself from the great depths they thrive in.


In the segment of jigs, Anglers garage has an assortment of some of the finest jigs from Japan. They carry the beautiful “Beat” brand of jigs along with the famed Sea Floor Control line too. The weight range they carry here is more suited to depths of the Straits of Malacca. There are also other brands too. As for jig hooks and assist lines Angler’s garage carries the famous Sato brand of hooks in large packs.

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Rods on sale for that day too were a few Beat rods and a few other premium brands. There was even a popping rod for sale too. The brand of rod for sale escapes our memory though.


Being situated in Wisma Mais of Section 3 in Shah Alam, parking at this place can be tricky. If you are planning to visit in a group please car pool.

If you are sure of your skills and if you feel its time that you invest in the best gear, this is a place you should visit in the Klang Valley. If you need  game changing gear please visit too.

Eddy is quite the conversationalist and gladly lends his experience to any angler that pay him a visit.

More contact details can be found on their Facebook Page here.

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