Anglers Central Fishing Tackle Shop, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Majorcraft, Evergreen, Jackal, Ima and Jackson supplier

Many fishing tackle shops in Malaysia are slowly adapting the sea luring trend which is becoming very popular. Sea luring consists of jigging with slow pitch jigging becoming the preferred method; and also big game popping where an angler casts large poppers or stickbaits. The demand for saltwater boating expeditions is simply soaring these days with boat charters booked through months ahead.

This fishing tackle shop in Petaling Jaya has been around for approximately 4 years. This fishing tackle shop is situated in SS4 in the interior housing estate just behind the Kelana Jaya LRT station. If you are unfamiliar with the Kelana Jaya area you would incur a bit of difficulty getting here. Best to use WAZE and locate this place.

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This fishing tackle shop carries premium fishing tackle brands such as Majorcraft rods, Ima gear, Jackal gear, Evergreen gear and many more. Everything from large saltwater poppers too small freshwater soft plastics. The rods the carry too range from large game fishing rods too ultra light fishing rods. There was a small collection of reels though.

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There was a good collection of Jackson Pintails. The prices for it were quite attractive too. Jackson Pintails are notoriously effective to be used on Mackerel in Malaysian Waters.

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There was a collection of the very premium FC Lab lures and jigs. Worth checking these out if embarking on a big game fishing ecpedition.

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Anglers Central is definitely a good place to get geared up when going on that big fishing expedition. However this shop is very centric towards lures, jigs and certain rods. Prices here are relatively competitive.

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One sport to look out for in the near future would be big game popping for GT. This is supposedly a very physically and mentally challenging way to fish in a saltwater setting. Although its been around for awhile the Malaysian scene would see this trend enter the mainstream market.

Anglers Central is available on facebook.

Maps for directions.

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