25 Photos of what you missed at the Terengganu Mackerel Fishing Tournament (TMFT) 2015. Saltwater Big Game Fishing Competition Malaysia. Pulau Tenggol

Big game fishing in Malaysia is exciting. The waters surrounding the peninsular and east Malaysia are most suitable for saltwater game fishing all year around. Terrenganu has some of the most vibrant fishing waters in the peninsular of Malaysia. With better enforcement it can be the possibly the best.

Quite recently the Terengganu Mackerel Fishing Tournament (TMFT) took place and it was awesome. TMFT is brought to you by Berita Harian and also the Council of Kuala Dungun Terengganu. There were two categories held. The Deep Sea category and the Surf category. This being Kuala Dungun we came with high expectations and this did not disappoint.

Big thanks to Berita Harian for giving us the opportunity to tag along their tournaments. They are the best fishing tournament organisers in Malaysia. If you wish to join a very sensible tournament these people do the best. Many thanks to the Kuala Dungun Municipality for letting us be most welcome in the district. Many thanks to Daniel too for tagging along and jigging till he dropped literally.

Please enjoy our photo Gallery. Here are some 20 photos to keep you guys inspired to join in next year.

2015-09-04 10.02.38

2015-09-04 10.04.13
Even the jetty was teeming with fish!
2015-09-04 14.46.09
Our Pro Angler for the trip!
2015-09-04 14.14.06
All the participants and organisers gearing up!

2015-09-04 14.46.01 2015-09-04 13.53.25

2015-09-04 14.49.35
Kickass Flag Off Boat!
2015-09-04 14.49.55
2015-09-04 15.27.17 First Spot and FISH-ON!! Daniel got “lesen” tongkol for the year. Handsome blue finned one.

2015-09-04 15.27.532015-09-04 15.28.072015-09-04 17.58.55

2015-09-04 20.28.10
Long Fall is the possibly the next best option to jig with. Daniels Bite Rate was phenomenal. There was a pesky fish called lolong though that kept taking our jigs throughout the night.
2015-09-04 20.29.27
Lesen Mayung on Slow Fall jig
2015-09-05 07.18.45
Long Fall Curve! Lost a lot of jigs here to Mackerels
2015-09-05 07.19.14
2015-09-05 07.19.36 The Cuda that broke the long fall…

Arriving back to shore we were quite amazed but something totally insane.

2015-09-05 09.10.14-1
9.6 Kilo Jenahak. Till now people have their doubts as to what snapper is this.
2015-09-05 08.38.42
We did not “pecah tong”
2015-09-05 08.58.55
Our wonderful crew!
2015-09-05 09.08.53
One of the Mackerels that did not get away!
2015-09-05 14.01.39
Apparently here in terengganu you can catch Golden Trevalleys of the surf. This is also the second time we have witnessed a pompano of the surf in the east of Malaysia.
2015-09-05 14.00.04
Prized catches!

  2015-09-05 14.00.20

2015-09-05 14.17.48-2
Proud Winners!

It truly is awesome fishing here in these parts. Do be on the lookout for LIFT 2015. The Langkawi International Fishing Tournament is believed to be a powerhouse for GP Joran! An event to look forward too next month!

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