150 new products launched by Bhagwati

Who would have thought of this? India has done it again! I’m pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic about this news. Looking forward to see their range of wizardry and gadgetry!



INDIAN tackle supplier Bhagwati is launching no fewer than 150 new products into its range for 2013.

The new products, which will cover match fishing, pole fishing and carp fishing will all be on show at this year’s EFTTEX show in Vienna, Austria as well as in the company’s new catalogue.

The launch also coincides with Bhagwati’s 35th year in business, in which it has grown into a familiar face in the tackle trade, but it is still aiming for future growth.

The company has outlined eastern Europe as a potential area for expansion and is actively seeking distributors there.


T: +91 33 2287 2534

E: bhagwatisportex@airtelmail.in

W: www.bhagwatiindia.com



PS. Coarse fishing is really from India!


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